Volkswagen New Product User Journey

Research & insights
Brand platform & strategy

The Wunderman Thompson designers worked with user researchers and Volkswagen marketing to define and generate data sets that would help describe the scope and reach of the projects, including their target audience, competitors and advertisement direction. The emotions curves along a winding path that suggests the consumers are part of the project effecting its way around the market. The data is represented by different colors and graphic elements like lines and dots.

The journey map highlights various perspectives with blooms of color appearing in the coordinate where Volkswagen has worked in the new market. The quotes from different tiers’ consumers are inspired by interviews, and insights appear at the bottom of the map. The data visualizations will help Volkswagen with fundraising as it continues to expand its reach.


User Journey Flow

We plot the collected data in this chart through the order of inspiration, awareness and research, comparison, conversion and enrollment. The timetable depicts that the understanding of users’ consumption habits before the release of new products can play a vital role.