Here is my technology class final project, I tried to combine my thesis topic with some technologies. I picked light and morse code. The reason I chose these two technologies to cause, first of all, light is a kind of media that enlightenment dark and that is a way to improve everyone's ergonomics. Because light helps us easy to view an item and light can help us to create a comfortable environment. The second part I selected morse code because in my thesis has an important aspect is reconcentrate human’s attention to create a time that human can think and focus. Moreover, at the same time can evoke people’s multi-senses by visual language method.

    So I made a light cube that includes light and morse code. When the participant is joining this project, they can spend the time to read the Morse code to find out what I left. All information on the cube is about ergonomics, some quotes, keywords and sentences. I also add a morse sound part in this installation because I hope I can motivate participants multi-senses. When they play with this design project can not just focus on the visual part but also notice the sound part. Like stimulate them all senses into this environment I created for them, and they can spend time in this environment and no rush, calm down.

    On the cube have five faces pre-cut some morse code information. Participants need to borrow the morse code dictionary
( ON THE POSTER ) To read the info I left on the cube. At the same time, participants can hear the sound of the Morse code.

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