This is a visual language project. The theme is about therapy because I love shoes, I have many shoes, but in other people's there, it is a love for shoes to reach a morbid level. But in my opinion, it's just a normal hobby. So I want to document this conflict in a design way. I copied the label on all my shoes and made a label poster in conjunction with terms that only sneakerhead understood.
Moreover, then I made these tags into labels on the pill bottle. Every word about shoes becomes the name of a "medicine", and every bottle has a pill. It means that if I take the medicine, I can become a normal person in the eyes of others, but whether I want to take medicine depends on me. I put all the bottles behind the mirror in the restroom of my apartment, which will become a part of my life.
这是一个关于视觉语言的项目,主题是关于一种疗法。因为我爱鞋子,我有很多鞋子,但是在其他人眼里这是对鞋子达到病态水平的热爱;但是我认为这只是正常的爱好。 因此,我想以一种设计方式记录这种冲突。 我将所有鞋子上的标签复制出来,并结合了只有懂鞋子的人才能理解的术语制作了标签。然后我将这些标签制成药瓶上的标签。 关于鞋子的每句话都成为“药品”的名称,每个瓶子都有一粒药。 这意味着如果我服药,我可以在他人眼中成为一个正常的人,但是我是否要服药取决于我。 我把所有的瓶子都放在公寓洗手间的镜子后面,这将成为我生活的一部分。

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