Lifepoint Health

BY Thackway Mccord 
Lifepoint Health公司新视觉系统

Lifepoint Health's design requirements are to highlight Great care lives here; We make communities healthier; Centered around you and Close to home. We need to highlight these characteristics in our design. The design scope includes colors, fonts, and graphic identification; 25-page guidelines for use.

Lifepoint Health的设计准则就是要凸显Great care lives here(关怀就在此处);We make communities healthier(我们的目标是社区更健康);Centered around you(以你为中心)以及Close to home(离你更近);我们在设计中需要着重突出这些特点。 设计范围包括颜色,字体,图形标识; 25页使用准则;