One has an assignment about branding. I chose Happy Socks as the design object because I had 80% of my socks from Happy Socks. Very comfortable a sock brand but few people know because the door is small and the publicity is small. Because the brand characteristics of happy socks are rich in color, so I specifically chose four well-known cartoon characters Winnie; Mickey Mouse; Donald Duck and Simpson. Because their image is deeply rooted, so when only a part of the image is displayed, we can quickly recognize which cartoon character. Another advantage of choosing cartoon characters is that they can match the original image of the brand and make it easy to use rich and bright colors when people like cartoon characters put on Happy sock's sock should be more conducive to the development of the brand.
Of course, I have redesigned the logo that was a bit stiff.

我之所以选择Happy Socks作为设计对象,是因为我有80%的袜子来自Happy Socks。 袜子非常舒适,但很少有人知道,因为门很小,宣传也很少。 因为Happy Socks的品牌特征是色彩丰富,所以我专门选择了四个著名的卡通人物维尼熊;米老鼠; 唐老鸭和辛普森。 由于它们的图像根深蒂固,因此,当仅显示图像的一部分时,我们可以快速识别出哪个卡通人物。 选择卡通人物的另一个优势是,它们可以与品牌的原始形象相匹配,并且当像卡通人物这样的人物穿上Happy袜子的袜子应该更有利于品牌发展,可以轻松使用丰富鲜艳的色彩。当然,我也重新设计了它原本有点僵硬的logo。