Cooper Hewitt is my favourite museum in the grand new york area. But most of the visitors never heard about it, and they prefer chose to visit MoMA or Whitney and skipped Cooper Hewitt. I tried to find out the issue, and i found that Cooper Hewitt does not highlight them strongest point to beat the competitor. They use very traditional and classic museum design style black and white to make them looks very elegant. But actually, the Cooper Hewitt is not a modern art museum; they are focusing on diversity and technology. They should point it out.

That is the reason why I use red and green as my core color code. Meanwhile, Cooper Hewitt has a K-12 education program which is needed to promote. So I thought red and green could create more energetic museum culturally.

库珀·休伊特(Cooper Hewitt)是我在纽约大区最喜欢的博物馆。 但是大多数游客从未听说过它,他们更喜欢选择访问MoMA或Whitney,而跳过了Cooper Hewitt。 我试图找出问题所在,我发现库珀·休伊特(Cooper Hewitt)没有突出他们击败竞争对手的最强点。 他们使用非常传统和经典的黑白博物馆设计风格,使它们看起来非常优雅。 但是实际上,库珀·休伊特并不是一个现代美术馆。 他们专注于多样性和技术。 他们应该将这个特点突出出来。

这就是为什么我将红色和绿色用作核心颜色的原因。 同时,库珀·休伊特(Cooper Hewitt)开展了一项K-12教育计划,这是推广计划。 因此,我认为红色和绿色可以在文化上创建更具活力的博物馆。

Original Cooper Hewitt logo designed by Pentagram

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