Chinese students in the United States are a huge group. According to research by Yale University, more than 40% of Chinese students studying in the United States suffer from depression, and 25% of Chinese students have anxiety problems.

However, in the face of depression and anxiety, most of them choose silence and forbearance. They are ashamed to face the problem of depression, the stress of living and learning, unfamiliar environments and language barriers that exacerbate their depression and anxiety. Sadly, most of them have not chosen to face it positively but have been pessimistic in choosing the extreme way to solve the problem. The reason I found that in addition to students themselves have misconceptions about depression, do not know how to face, the surrounding family and friends are also biased and misunderstood about depression. They think it is moaning; it is fragile.

I hope that through my design, more students and family can try to understand depression and help those who are depressed to get out of depression as soon as possible to give them support. Depression is not fragile. Depression is a disease like a cold disease, as long as the right treatment can heal.




Pamphlet and Instruction Poster Temporary Tatto

My whole visual identity system included poster and flag two parts. The reason I designed the flag because some college mental health centre is off campus. If the flag can be a signal for the depressed student to guide them to find out a friendly organization I think that is a kind of comfort. Moreover, the poster I designed a signing step because the flag needs to hang up on a high place it is hard to touch or communicate and my audience, not just depressed students but also everyone in our society. I hope they can spend time to understand depression, read the instruction and sign up on the poster to show them support. The flag and poster need to collaborate work to achieve my goal.

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